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Fostering Saves Lives

Without fosters many deserving animals are at risk of euthanasia. Our rescue efforts rely on fosters to make an impact on animals in shelters or those in need.

Can I adopt my foster?

Can I adopt my foster?

YES! As long as foster parents meet the adoption requirements and the foster has not already met other applications. We like fosters to know if they plan to adopt before approving other applications.

What is the cost to foster?

What does it cost to foster?

Our rescue will provide the supplies (food/crate), pay for vetting or medical expenses associated with fostering. You may purchase your own supplies for your foster pet, which are tax deductable

What is required to foster?

What is required to foster?​

  • 21 Years of Age

  • Proof of Residency 

  • Consent from Landlord

  • The time necessary to provide training, transport to vetting, and work with potential adopters

  • Homevisit

  • 2 week commitment minimum 

Why foster for POTG?

Why foster for POTG?


We believe fosters should be involved in the adoption process by helping determine if an applicant is a best match. We allow fosters to be more involved in placing their fosters verse other rescues. We are flexible in meeting the needs of our fosters. We also do home visits for adopters to ensure both the foster and rescue is happy with placing the animal into their forever home.


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